Bring people and automation together.

Workflow automation helps eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks while also reducing human error.

Bring data from your organization’s internal servers or cloud-based software providers into your workflows with Prestavi.

Graphic that shows an example Employee Onboarding Process

Connect Data from anywhere.


Your organization’s internal IT stack or any open API.

The external endpoints feature provides the capabilities to use data in your workflows from sources outside of Prestavi, such as your organization's private cloud servers or other cloud-based software providers that have an open API.

Integration Action Examples

Conditional logic

Always route to the correct place.

Automatically gather the information needed to direct between steps and make sure it always goes to the right place or person.

Displayed on screen

Show people what they need to know.

Don't make people waste time opening several applications. Automatically show the information to them right within the step they are working on.

Automate work. Save time and effort.

Stop wasting time on monotonous tasks like copying and pasting information from one software system to another. Automations take care of these tasks for you.


People-driven processes

Great for cross-functional teams

People are the heart of your operation. Make it feel effortless for them to do their part.

Leave it to the machines

Powered by AWS

Automate tasks and help your people spend time on the work that matters most.

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