Build and scale your business processes.

Prestavi offers the easiest and most intuitive way to visually describe your business processes. Custom fit to your organization, each step can have an assortment of options, such as assignments, access control, content and routing.

Workflow Builder User Interface

Flexible and easy routing with conditional logic.

All without becoming an expert in writing formulas.

Routing between elements in your workflow can be as simple as going directly from one step to the next or as complex as using multiple conditions that include variables from external data and everything in between.

Workflow route conditions

Prestavi lets you route between things however makes the most sense to your process. And the best part is that you don't need to be an excel wizard or write any formulas to set up complex conditional routes.

Add a variety of content to the steps in your workflow.

Each step can have content that one or more people view or complete. Prestavi offers a variety of different content types (with more on the way) including rich text, forms, tasks, iframe, images, and formatting options like lines and extra spacers. You can also show blocks of content only when your specific conditions are met.

Rich text content type

Rich Text

Form content type


Task content type


Media content type


Embed content type


Workflow editor form builder

Powerful user assignments

User assignments are optional, but if you need them, we have you covered from every angle. You can assign one or more specific people to a step, assign everyone with a specific role, or even someone who completed a previous step.

When you assign multiple people to a step, you can decide how it's distributed and how many people must complete it.

User assignment options

Distribution Options

One person must complete the step
At least n people must complete the step
Everyone selected must complete the step
Round robin assignment
Globe that represents the ability to share workflows publicly

Share workflows externally

Provide access to people outside of your organization for all or only specific steps.

If your process involves people outside of your organization, give them access to complete one or more specific steps with a unique job link.

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